Imelda Almqvist assisted by Susan Rossi

This course is not currently scheduled

Susan Rossi and I offer stand-alone sacred art retreats in the larger Philadelphia area (possibly rural Pennsylvania) instead

For more information contact Susan on flyingtotheheart@gmail.com - updates also appear in my newsletter 

  Imelda is also, honestly, one of the best teachers I have ever met!...

The Heart of the Creative Process with Imelda is enlightening. I learned about not only the Creative Process but about myself as well. Imelda is also, honestly, one of the best teachers I have ever met! she is clearly very skilled, has great insight with each student, as well as really enjoys interacting with us! - Beverly Keys, USA

 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

The Sacred Art Practitioner Training is a four-module training taking us to the magical and mysterious place where art meets shamanism.

This course does not assume or require previous training in art or a high level of artistic skill and competence. It does require a sincere willingness to engage with worlds seen and unseen using the creative process.

Our work together does not require an exclusive focus on painting and drawing either. On the London courses we have had musicians, sculptors, songwriters, poets, dancers and so forth. We encourage a very wide spectrum of creative expression. Just to give an example: during the course we will carve our own runes, make ourselves a bear suit, dance, create a dream incubation chamber and create unique backdrops and sacred tools for powerful personalized ceremonies.

This course does not assume or require previous training in shamanism either but some experience of energy work or working in close partnership with spirit allies is extremely helpful. What we do ask for is an open heart and open mind as well as a willingness to form a personal relationship with helping spirits and Divine beings from all realms.

 Shamanism is not a religion, but a way of being in a balanced and harmonious relationship with all sentient beings, our ancestors and descendants as well the spirits of place and processes and ‘deep dreaming’ held in the land. Our work will encompass both ‘The Great Above’, ‘The Great Below’ and ‘The Great Within’ as well as “every day reality” and so embrace all worlds and realms.

This is a course open to both men and women where we will actively work with the balancing between masculine and feminine our world needs to badly. This means that we will focus on connecting with the sacred expressions of the Feminine and Masculine, both within ourselves and in the world outside us. We observe that great stress, tension and many power struggles currently occur between distorted (or wounded) manifestations of those same cosmic forces. The time has come to balance them and assist the Earth in her paradigm shift!

This unique course offers a series of four sacred art intensives with a strong ceremonial aspect where we pass through a cycle of Symbolic Death, Dream Incubation, Rebirth and Joyful Creation from a place of complete alignment with our soul path and personal talents.

One of Imelda’s London graduates summed the process up like this:

“Thank you for creating this safe and sacred container, for us to birth and manifest our sacred dreams so we can leave this training, ready ourselves to create powerful containers for others to birth their sacred dreams and creative projects”.

At graduation you will receive a signed certificate stating that you have completed the Sacred Art Practitioner Training with Imelda Almqvist. It is my experience here in the UK that when people are looking to commission someone who works in the field of sacred art, they like the reassurance of knowing someone has done rigorous training, is committed to a personal Code of Ethics and has a good working relationship with colleagues and others in the same field.

 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

 You will also be invited to stay involved in Imelda’s larger global “network of sacred artists”.


This is a growing network created by Imelda’s current students where people can show their work and collaborate to always deepen and extend their practice Their vision is to exchange experiences, skills and opportunities and also to help each other out with challenges that arise. Imelda makes a point of supporting all her students and making herself available to them during and long after their training with her. (We are just creating a Facebook group for this purpose as well).

Imelda created this course in London (in 2012) after receiving a lot of emails from people asking her to teach them how to paint and work the way she works herself. She was also asked to pass on the esoteric knowledge that informs her own paintings. And so the Sacred Art Practitioner training was born, (abbreviated to the SAP).During the different components the themes of “sap rising” and “green blood” cropped up frequently, so SAP it is and the “SAP” now comes to the USA!



In this training Imelda and Susan will introduce a lot of powerful material and create very strong cauldrons of transformation – but ultimately the spirits, gods and goddesses are our great teachers on this training!

In every module we do powerful and deeply personalized ceremonial work where the participants themselves receive guidance from Spirit and the whole group works together hosting ceremonies where people take turns in being the focus of the work of the whole group. In her work in London Imelda has observed how this is an incredible vessel for personal transformation and for unlocking creative forces “beyond the human imagination”.

There have been four on-line seminars preparing people for this course (those have been recorded can be watched in your own time) and there will be seminars between modules to deepen the experience of the work done as a group, so the group stays connected  and there is always fresh material and inspiration to work with. We will also set homework projects and powerful learning will continue to occur outside the classroom.

 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

 As a prerequisite for this course we ask all participants to commit to attending two on-line seminars in January to prepare for our work together (only open to registered participants).

Please  use the buttons below to access recordings of the four seminars that have already run!