One Day Introduction Courses in the US

For pandemic reasons the courses below are not currently scheduled but Susan Rossi and I are open to receiving expressions of interest!


Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world




Once Susan Rossi and I brought the sacred art practitioner training to the US we received a request for stand-alone "add-on" courses to introduce other material. The intention is to give people a "taster full immersion session" to help them decide if this is something they wish to take further - or not.  

From a planning point of view this helps Susan and me plan future courses and events!

The courses we have offered so far were very well-attended and we may well run them again in the future as I will continue to teach in the US (larger Philadelphia area) in the years to come. Expressions of interest are welcome. 

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


Workshop exploring how sacred sexuality relates to our innate creativity and creative process

5 February 2018   "AN ANATOMY OF SOUL" - using the ancient Norse cosmology of soul

Workshop exploring how we do shamanic work with ancient Norse concepts such as Hamr, Hugr, Fylgja, Odr and others. ?This work casts light on issues such as power and power loss, luck, physical health and the parts of our soul we employ when we do magical work. Lots about the art of shape shifting. Fylgja and protective spirits for individuals and clan. Rather than as a power animal - more seen as aspect of our own soul that comes forward to guide us.

10 September 2018   CHANGING THE WEAVE - Working with the Norns and The Web of Wyrd

In this workshop we start exploring the tricky issue that doing powerful spiritual work on behalf of someone may well change their destiny, In the language of Norse shamanism: it may "change their weave" in the larger Web of Life that is the Web of Wyrd. The Norns are sometimes called The Wyrd Sisters. (Workshop for people who already practice shamanism, not for complete beginners!)


Please note that from November 2020 Susan Rossi and I are bringing modules from the 2-year program in Sweden to the US! For more information please visit the following page: