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During the summer of 2020 our family drove (what felt like) "behind enemy lines" from London UK to Sweden, via the Netherlands (an overdue visit to my elderly Mum). I did a seven week social media fast to dial down the amount of "psychic noise" and switched off all notifications. To me the Forest will always be the "primordial internet", with its supportive yet non-egoic connections between all trees via root systems deep in the Earth. This painting was inspired by a hypnagogic vision sleeping in our house in the Forest. Of a girl (possibly a younger self) dreaming with seals. While sailing in the water between Sweden and Norway our family has encountered seal colonies on skerries - and I wished I could dream along with them, like this.... 



At this time of year (late August) my heart ACHES to be in Sweden in our house in the Forest, with new mushrooms sprouting all around us every morning!

Mushrooms are mysterious: neither plant nor animal, they are both medicine and poison, and they have otherworldly properties. They are said to grow in the Underworld and have a close relationship with Death and the Dead.
My 2019 art video below explores how mushrooms can dissolve the boundaries between Life and Death, everyday reality and Other Worlds and reveal the ultimate connectedness of All That Is:


 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


Owls are been appearing in my dreams and paintings! It has become a bit of an obsession, I can't get enough of them! I have made owl masks and worn them on hikes in the Forest - in an attempt to discover how owls perceive the world. I feell that this particular animal species has much to teach us right now - I am grateful for those animal powers and animal visions!



How do you interpret the word Parliament?!

Without starting any political debates, I will just say that I am not impressed with the UK's current Parliament, their management of Covid-19, the NHS and handling of Exam results.

I am dreaming myself a (very different) Parliament...




This painting shows heavily pregnant women actively visiting and honouring their Family Tree, collecting the souls of their unborn babies. Owls watch over this process as guardians or 'kinfylgjur' (an Old Norse term), female clan spirits who keep a close and compassionate eye on both family tree and lineage. And yes, there is a prescription in this painting - this whole series of paintings can be viewed as a form of "pictorial activism!"


This painting follows on from the previous one (on the left): it shows the ancestral mothers forever dreaming new life into being, on the other side of the Veil, from the Land of the Ancestors. Without these ancestral mothers (and of course fathers too!) we would not be here. We literally owe them our life, our bodies and the chance to walk the Earth at this particular time. Life will always bring pain and ordeals - but it remains the greatest privilege of all.


 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

 FOLLOWING THE BEAR TRAIL  (60 x 42 cm)   £255

This painting was made in my Forest Studio in Sweden, the day after sitting out (the ancient practice of "utesita") at Himmelstalund, the vast petroglyph site in Norrköping, province , Östergötland. There are many fascinating petroglyphs there, but on this visit I was touched particularly by the trail of bear footprints, carved in rock. Most petroglyphs are more disjointed but all these "bear paws carvings" together form a 60 meter trail.
My "Bear Self" did not want to leave! I made lots of sketches in my art diary. Then I went home to sleep on the sketches made there. This (rather mysterious) painting was inspired by both the petroglyphs and my dreams - but it depicts a very modern theme at the same time... can you spot it?!

 PYRAMID TEXT  (60 x 42 cm)  £255

Over summer 2020 I was reading the following book: "From Fetish To God In Ancient Egypt" by E. A. Wallace, a renowned Egyptologist, first published in 1934. This book is so densely written that you would need to read it continuously for a decade, to absorb all it contains! However, the material came alive for me in my dreams and this painting was inspired by one such dream and one illustration in the book, of the serpent hieroglyph: "Egyptian hieroglyphic distinguishes two different kinds of snakes. One sign pictures a cobra generally; the other depicts a horned viper. These different pictograms are signs for different sounds in Egyptian, the first for the sound “DG” and for the second, 'F'. " 




In a number of recent paintings I have been playing around with multi-dimensionality and also with letting go of one particular perspective or viewpoint. This painting can be viewed in any direction (meaning rotated 90 or 180 degrees and still work). One thing I love about working in acrylic paint on paper (as opposed to oil paint on canvas) is that I feel so free to try out different versions of one idea. Any painting then is more like a room - and there is always an invitation to step through a portal into the next room (and the next one after that...)I actually had a dream once where I was in My House of Dreams, and every dream had doorways to other rooms (representing past or future dreams). Nothing was lost - it was a matter of navigation - threading the way back to another place on the time-space continuum (like fast-forwarding or rewinding a video).

 THE GREEN BEAR (60 x 42 cm)   £255

Lockdown brought enforced time out from the normal routine and teaching commitments. My husband and I had many conversations on the topic of "Are there any dreams we can realize faster now, because the pandemic has wiped out so many things/structures we used to take  take for granted?" For me one personal dream has always been to write and illustrate picture books for children. I did work as an illustrator in my early 20s but I have never published my own picture book, (though I have written and published three non-fiction books in four years). This summer I started writing some stories. The first one was about a big rock in the Forest that turns into a Bear at sunset and back again into a rock at sunrise. Between sunset and sunrise a nocturnal adventure unfolds. I had such fun - I will be writing more stories for children....



WHITE HART VISION - COMET NEOWISE #1  (60 x 42 cm)  £255

This painting was made while Comet Neowise was passing just under asterism Ursa Major overhead. Our family sat out on the famous local grave mound, Uppsa Kulle for one (very brief) Scandinavian night to catch a glimpse of it (not easy at the time of year when it does not get properly dark at night) and we got lucky! In the world of astrology comets have always been viewed as ominous because they were said to presage the death of kings (and, I guess, this would include non-royal rulers, in our time). I asked my astrologer friendSusan Rossiand she explained that this comet mirrored issues around personal responsibility and the tension this creates with personal freedom.

I had two dreams about it, while all alone at the Forest House. Here is the first one: Neowise appeared as a white hart carrying the world (I understood it this to be: the potential of creating a new peaceful and more balanced world) in its antlers (and its antlers were the tail of the comet at the same time!)

"In English folklore, the white hart is associated with Herne the Hunter. Arthurian legend states that the creature has a perennial ability to evade capture, and that the pursuit of the animal represents mankind's spiritual quest."

 PRIMORDIAL ICE CRONE - COMET NEOWISE #2  (60 x 42 cm)   £255

This is the second painting inspired by dreaming about Comet Neowise, sleeping alone in a house the Forest: the comet appeared as a very ancient woman, a crone who was present from the Beginning of Time. She explained that she is (mostly) made of ice and by flying through the Inner Solar System she has an encounter with the Sun.

This is a repeat of one Creation Story in Norse cosmology, describing how the world is created from the meeting of Fire and Ice. As that event occurs again, on a cosmic scale, we find ourselves in a very dangerous (but also very pregnant) period of Rebirth, brimming with new potentials.

If we want a different, fairer, more balanced world, here is our opportunity to create it. The pandemic will allow us to do this faster than was even conceivable one year ago (writing this in August 2020). However, if we collectively choose to re-create the "Old Normal" or descend into political and environmental chaos - we will have missed a rare opportunity...

What will we choose collectively? Will we apply the Medicine of our Imagination?!


 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

 MY INNER DRAGON (60 x 42 cm)  £155

During Summer 2020 in Sweden I made the Forest my Art Studio and discovered that all animals (and all beings) can also be found within me! I have an Inner Dragon, Inner Polar Bear, Inner Barn Owl and so forth. (Of course I also have inner versions of "less glamorous" animals: an Inner Mosquito, Inner Piraña, Inner Hyena and so forth). 

I made many animal masks and wore them on hikes in the Forest - to get closer to the mindset of these animals.



I love the night sky and all the stories it holds! While sleeping alone in our house in the Forest in Sweden I had a dream of two seals in the night sky. They occupied the segment where (what Western culture calls) Orion is. The stars of the belt of Orion the flipper of one seal holding the other seal.

In the dream I thought: how beautiful - but nothing like our star map today. And a voice said: "In the old times of Lemuria and Atlantis, people saw very different star constellations!" Tribal peoples see different constellations too (ethnoastronomy) and I realized that a different perception of the night sky mirrors a completely different world view.... and that concept holds possibilities for transformation!