Please note that this practice receives a very large volume of emails. 

 Imelda and Jill will always try, where possible, to find someone who has availability to respond to your healing request when they cannot see you.

You will then receive a reply from a colleague or a shamanic practitioner trained by Imelda. By contacting us through this website you agree to this arrangement! 

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


In this practice most shamanic healing sessions are currently offered by Jill Hunter, a shamanic practitioner from New Zealand with ten years of experience.



Imelda has a demanding international teaching schedule, she is not available for one-to-one sessions at this time. A notice will appear in her newsletter (click CONTACT US and tick newsletter) during months TJAT  Imelda has some availability. To request course descriptions (or in the unlikely event that contacting 



Originally from New Zealand, I came to London in 1985 for adventure which surely happened! Post 10 years working for Performing Arts producers, a Reiki workshop led to Past Life remembering experience and clear sign-posting in the Way of the Shaman weekend with Simon Buxton, working in partnership with Spirit.  Training continued at the Sacred Trust in Dorset, completing one year Animal Spirit Medicine training with Naomi Lewis then Two Year Shamanic Practitioner training with Simon Buxton and Compassionate De-possession with Betsy Bergstrom.  Having travelled to Peru working with indigenous healers and further learning from the Shamans of Southern Russia, the influences on my work are wide ranging in perspective.  In 2016 I completed the two year teacher training with Sandra Ingerman in Scotland.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner.  Shamans are recognised when they are young in indigenous shamanic cultures; they are nurtured and taught by tribe Elders.  It is now that Shamans everywhere are counselled by Spirits to share ancient sacred knowledge with those open to listening and learning.  The only way of being that makes sense to me. The work continues to expand.    

Fee: £95 for a 2 hour session, location North London



 The following people are all shamanic practitioners who have completed their shamanic training with Imelda. They are well-versed in her material and ways of working.  

Please note that as part of their training they have all lodged a signed copy of Personal Code of Ethics with Imelda. 


Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


English-born Sunni Alem'neh is a dedicated father of 5 spirited children. He has an understanding for esoteric wisdom and ancient mysticism. He works within the northern/Norse traditions as a seidhmadhr and shamanic healer.

"I am honoured to be in service to spirit and enjoy working compassionately from the heart, to help others feel a greater connection to the web of  life, to themselves and to offer spirit led healing for their physical and spiritual well being"

I offer healing work as close to the earth as possible, therefore I see clients in a traditional tribal dwellings or warm canvas tents.
Fee:  £50 per hour 

TO CONTACT Sunni, email him on:

 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


Dutch-born Sjoukje Gummels is a mother of two who travelled extensively before moving to the UK.

Sjoukje works with energy healing disciplines such as Reiki, Regression Therapy and Shamanic Healing

" I am inspired through working with Spirit to empower and support people in their journey of self healing"

 Fee: £45 per hour/£85 for a 2 hours session

Sjoukje works from home

TO CONTACT Sjoukje, email her on:




I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Integrative Quantum Medicine™ Practitioner for adults and children.

My journey began after an accident I had in 2011. After several years of working in corporate life I was drawn onto a different path and changed the course of my life to embrace that initiation.

My commitment is to create safe and sacred spaces and ceremonies to bring balance and harmony back into lives.

Fee: 150 CHF for minimum 90 min. session

The sessions are in English, French or Turkish.

TO CONTACT Kiymet, email her on:


I know just how tricky it is to find a skilled and trustworthy shamanic practitioner. After all you are putting your very soul in their hands!

In the column on the right hand side I have formulated some pointers to make the process a bit easier..

I actively invite you to send me feedback about the people listed on this website. All information will be treated as confidential and not shared with anyone. However, I will take the feedback into account when making decisions about listing people in the future and making referrals. Thank you!!

 -  Word of mouth is always best: ask around and where possible see a SP others recommend highly

-  Stay clear of people who call themselves "shamans" (unless they truly are tribal shamans!) 

-  Choose someone whose website gives a transparent account of their own training and makes a point of honouring all teachers they trained with. Not doing so is dubious and bad energy. It is also rather arrogant! All good shamanic practitioners stand on the shoulders of their teachers and ancestors - and they freely acknowledge this!

-  Listen closely to your intuition: do your hear the Voice of Spirit  when you visit someone's website or is it ego speaking all the way? ("I am so great!") Someone who truly IS a great shamanic practitioner will be inundated with work. There is usually no need at all for heavy self-promotion. 

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


 Summing things up in just a few words one could say that shamanic healing is all about 'pulling out what does not belong or serves no longer and then filling someone up with power, Soul Essence, Divine Light and Life Force.  We connect people back to their True Self, their Higher Self outside space and time and their life's purpose. We restore them to a state of creative flow and positive intention. Done well this process triggers self-healing and people walking their own sacred path of healing.

Our focus is on opening SAFE SACRED SPACE and BUILDING TEMPLES OF LIGHT so the spirits, highly evolved compassionate beings as well as angelic beings can work through us to bring healing, guidance and wholeness on the level of soul. The healing does not come from us - we are THE HOLLOW BONE: the healing flows through us.



A shamanic healing is all about restoring harmony in the body, mind and the human energy field.

A classical shamanic healing consists of two components: extraction work and soul retrieval work. However: this work is spirit-led and that means anything can be prescribed by the spirits!  It may be something that has never been seen or done before! Both practitioner and client need to keep an open mind.

Just recently I have observed a fair amount of 'deity work' in my practice: people needing to connect with and work closely with a particular god or goddess. Dream incubation work has become a big theme here as well. Another example is ancestral healing work. Many people cannot feel fully healthy until significant healing occurs in their family, so ancient pain is unraveled and burdens are lifted and transmuted. Often individual soul retrieval work is not fully effective until ancestral healing work is done that ripples out across the larger family field.

Extraction work is working in the human energy body: pulling out intrusions and energy that is in the wrong place, in order to restore harmony. This is done by switching on the "x-ray eyes of the shaman" and doing a body scan to see where the blocks and problems are.

Soul Retrieval work is about retrieving vital essence or "soul parts" that left at times of trauma in a person's life. The return of those soul parts gives people access to the talents, gifts and energy that were their birthright.  

This is what usually happens:

-    LOST SOUL ESSENCE is retrieved and blown into you (sometimes several may return at the same time)

-    We do 'SOUL REMEMBERING' (i.e. we make a visit to your Higher or Sacred Self outside space and time to request a personal symbol or image of your unique soul path, to help you remember what you came to do here on Earth, what your unique gifts/strengths and calling is)

-    We do a ceremony for you to RELEASE ANY SOUL PARTS you may be holding THAT BELONG TO OTHER PEOPLE.

 -    We find out what you need to do, what changes you need to make in your life, to integrate soul essence fully and 'welcome this home'.

When "all of you is here" you are more able to deal with the challenges and opportunities in your life. You are tethered to Spirit and no longer 'knocked in all directions' by the actions and choices of others.

Soul Parts and Soul Theft  

In our society we have lost the understanding of keeping and guarding soul essence. Popular culture hints at the process of losing, giving away and stealing soul parts: "he stole my heart", 'I put my very soul in her hands" etc. Soul theft is common between lovers, between parents and children, in  close friendships, even between colleagues or professionals and their clients. The bottom line is that a soul part belonging to another person is of no use to us, it is energy we cannot use or enjoy - so it becomes 'spiritual baggage' and 'weighs us down'. In soul retrieval work we encourage you to let go of pieces of other people's souls you have ended up carrying and we will call back and return to you vital soul essence that belong to you.

Ancestral Healing is about honouring ancestors and the ones who came before us. Not infrequently the problems and patterns clients present with go back several generations and work needs to be done in terms of the Family Soul seeking balance. Work may involve helping family members cross over, putting rituals in place to honour death and grief in families, but also returning releasing and transmuting longstanding burdens We give the ancestors (as well as stillborn babies and spirit children) a place in our hearts and in our family tree. We remember and cherish so the dead can be at peace.are at peace. In return we have peace of mind and we can live life to the full (not unknowingly live out ancient family patterns or family trauma). Often there are powerful imprints that need unravelling. Deep down we know this when we say "something runs in the family!"

Spirit Release Work  It is possible that a person may inadvertently and unwittingly become a host for another being. That other being is usually a soul that did not make a successful transition into the Divine Light. Such souls often try to attach themselves to a living person for the benefit that a living body provides. In other words they catch a ride on the emotional and physical experiences of the host. It must be emphasized that such souls are suffering beings. They deserve compassion and respect. Possession by a suffering being can cause physical, emotional and spiritual damage as the being lives off the energy of the host.





 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world