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Presentation by Imelda Almqvist at "Threshold", the annual conference of The Gatekeeper Trust, in Pewsey, UK, November 2016

 Liminal places are where ancient gods await and human beings are touched by the Divine. What is the function of such places in the landscape and how can we open sacred space intentionally to facilitate healing, rites of passage and to breathe new life into the teachings of the ancient mystery schools?

Imelda talks about work done with groups in Andalucia, Spain, New Mexico (USA) and women receiving their own profoundly personlized Rites of Passage from Spirit on her sacred art program in London!

When we step into the Unknown, The Great Silence (also the place where we hear The music of the Spheres!), The Heart of Creation, the gods and goddesses await. In our great Cosmic Dance with them - the Dance of Joyful Creation - Divinity meets us halfway....


Barbara Grammeniati interviews Imelda Almqvist in 2013

Imelda is a shamanic practitioner and spirit-led painter. She talks about her spiritual path and her calling to follow the shamanic path. In her own words "What it has brought me is an awareness that life is an immensely precious gift and that miracles can occur in this line of work. There is nothing in the world I'd rather do than the three things I feel so passionate about: being a mother, painter and shamanic practitioner."

"There exists no greater privilege than being off assistance to others as they walk their own path of healing. As we heal ourselves, we heal our relationships and our planet and we invite others to embark on their own healing journey."

Please note! This film was made in 2013. Today Imelda's main focus is on teaching,  not on one-to-one sessions. Shamanic Healing is offered by Jill Hunter and Mia Tolusic in this shamanic practice!




LA-based film maker Hannah Beadman made a wonderful film called THE TIME TRAVELLERS in 2014 where we see young people on camera receiving a toolkit and strategies for dealing with and resolving bullying from their own spirit allies. 

"This film is a gem. The young people on camera show great courage, using shamanism to receive a workable toolkit for bullying - an all too common, harmful experience for our children and teenagers. Hannah Beadman brings an exquisite sense of beauty and atmosphere to filming this important material. Imelda Almqvist's pioneering work shows a viable way of working with our youth, that can be easily incorporated into schools and family systems."

- Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of 10 books including 'Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self'.

Please Note!  For the films Imelda herself made about The Time Travellers and Magic of a Child Shaman in the Forest, please visit:




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 Menglöð and the Nine Maidens of Lyfjaberg 2017 

The ancient text Fjölsvinsmal in the Poetic Edda tells us that there is a Mountain of Healing or Medicine Mountain in Norse Shamanism where a mysterious goddess resides, surrounded by Nine Maidens or Disir (female ancestral spirits). 

Climbing this mountain can bring healing miracles, no matter how ill or "dis-eased" a person is.

In 2016 the Nine Maidens of Lyfjaberg called me to undertake an apprenticeship with them. This art film describes some of my sacred journey and pilgrimage up the Mountain. I hope this will inspire others to climb Lyfjaberg in search of healing, wholeness and holiness.

With special gratitude to Ulrika Jäger for reminding and teaching me about the Maidens of Lyfjaberg! 


 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


A Divine Animal Mother came to me in Sweden during the Winter Solstice period of 2016. She touched my soul and cracked me wide open. I embarked on a journey that required me to release many beliefs I previously held about Divinity. Then I discovered that the indigenous peoples of Siberia know this Reindeer Mother very well!

If I you are drawn to watching this film I hope that you will embark on your own journeys to The Reindeer Mother (perhaps in a Birch Bark Boat).... 



This art film explores shamanism, gender crossing and the cosmic dance of sacred feminine and sacred masculine through the lens of two Sami deities: Bow Woman (or Juoksakkha) and Alder Man (Leibolmai).

Shamans are explorers of the psyche and they have always crossed social, spiritual and gender boundaries.

With a debt of gratitude to Raven Kaldera's enlightening on-line article






SPIRIT CHILDREN is a small film made by shamanic practitioner Imelda Almqvist about her work with Spirit Children (the spirits of dead children), shown in the form of paintings set to Medieval church music from Armenia performed by the Sharakan Early Music Ensemble. Track 22 - Our es mayr im. (This is of my most favourite CD's of all time - I often play it for clients after performing Soul Retrieval!)

We think of the souls of people who die, stillborn babies or even through miscarriages as "completely gone" or in a place where we cannot contact them (assuming we believe their soul is eternal and they live on in some way or form).

In my work with the spirits of dead children (they chose me for this work, not the other way around!) I discovered that there can be immense healing in a final dialogue (Why did you go? Is there a message to be passed?) and image that is a gift from Spirit. Often the soul of the child wants to be painted in an otherworld location, perhaps swimming with dolphins or playing with animal spirits etc Giving such an image (painting) a place in the home allows the child to still have a place in the family home. See also:



 Art & Shamanism short film inspired by a powerful dream I had in California, October 2015

In the early 19th century In the early19th century the native Chumash and Tongya people were forced to leave the Channel Islands off the coast of California. They were taken to Spanish missions and pueblos on the mainland. One teenage girl ran back to look for her baby and the ship left without her. She lived alone on San Nicholas Island for 18 years, when she is 'rescued'. Her name was Juana Maria.

She appeared to me in a dream and showed me images of her life in those 18 years of profound solitude. She appeared as a Seal Woman (in Europe we would say "Selkie") who became a great shaman and the Seal Mother of Souls over time. She developed an intimate relationship with the Moon, the stars, the seals and the whales passing on their epic migration journeys.

My small film does not claim to portray 'the truth' about Juana Maria's 18 years alone on San Nicholas Island. We will never know for sure. (When she was 'rescued' after 18 years she had no language in common with the people who welcomed her to the mainland). What I do know is that a powerful Seal Woman and Shaman invites us to dream with her, her seals and her spirit child.




As an Apprentice of the Waning Moon, I needed to walk into the Desert to find the wide open spaces within myself. This film shows how that journey unfolded after Six Maidens appeared in a dream and told me to go looking for the mysterious Seventh Maiden. As the external journey unfolds through extraordinary landscapes the inner journey of soul making occurs at the sane time. Along the way there are encounters with Kokopelli (Fertility Deity and the Spirit of Music) and The Man In The Moon. 

This film explores he essence of creativity and keys to creative flow. It also explores how dreams offer a window on greater truths and mystery. 

The photographs used in this film were taken in California and Nevada (in particular Death Valley and Joshua Tree). The photographs of rock art are from La Cieneguilla, Petroglyph Site, just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The images of the 1677 AD Solar Eclipse are from the Chumash Painted Cave just North of Santa Barbara in Californi


 Sedna is the Sea Keeper and Mother of All Sea Animals, an Inuit goddess venerated (and feared) by all Inuit tribes. When human beings transgress, violate animals or break taboos, Sedna cooks up fierce storms and withholds game. The result is Death, Darkness and Starvation. A Shaman then needs to undertake a dangerous journey to the bottom of the Sea to comb out Sedna's hair (to free the entangled animals) and to appease her until she releases all animals.

Western culture has lost both shamans and the awareness that to live in harmony with all sentient beings, we need to communicate closely with gods, goddesses, spirits and other inhabitants of all worlds, seen and unseen.This short film sees Sedna setting out to investigate what is shaking her watery world, what humans are doing to the Earth and all animals, especially whales. 

I invite you to watch the film to find out what happens!



 RAVEN MAN AND KILLER WHALE WOMAN - Artist's Residency on Vancouver Island, 2015

I had a recurrent dream about being in a place "where the forest meets the sea" and painting in nature, surrounded by trees. In the dream there were whales in the sea and there were strong native traditions and arts on the land. Sony Baron and David Crumpton made the dream reality by inviting me to Vancouver Island. I found myself in the landscape of my dreams, in my "soul scape" you could say, painting in the rain forest, with hummingbirds fluttering around me.

It was my plan to have no preconceived ideas but practice "deep listening", opening my heart and all my senses to the Spirits of Place and the stories embedded in this ancient land. Even before I left London (where I live and work as a shamanic practitioner, teacher and artist), Raven Man and Killer Whale Woman started appearing in my dreams. Raven Man was always waiting for someone on a beach. Once I realised he was waiting for Killer Whale Woman, this film took shape...


Gnosis of the Earth is a Rock Art Seminar in southern Andalucia, Spain, where geomancy, shamanism and sacred art all meet in one place. This course was visioned and created by Imelda Almqvist in partnership with Karmit Evenzur who is a long term resident of Andalucia. On this course we connect with the Spirits of Place and ceremonial experiences ancient peoples had on this land. Hunting magic and fertility rites inspired ceremonies that kept the land, animal and human population healthy and in sacred balance. In this seminar we "taste Dragon's Blood" to be initiated into The Green Language or Language of Birds. The Laguna de la Janda is a powerful liminal place, where two oceans and two continents meet and where migrating birds rest on their journeys north and south. We visit caves, the womb of Mother Earth and make our own rock art. Soul Flight occurs. This powerful seminar defies expression in words - it can only be experienced! Welcome to the old Laguna de la Janda - we hope you will join us one day! - Karmit Evenzur is a wellknown geomancer based in Spain and Imelda Almqvist is a teacher of sacred art and shamanism based in London, UK.



 MY INUIT ANCESTORS: A Reflection On Spiritual Heritage

This short film is an exploration through paintings and drawings of her own dreams, Inuit Myths and traditions. At times we need to dream in black and white to see more clearly or to see in the Dark!

In this film White Bear appears and he is really a shaman in disguise, roaming the universe. He takes the artist to a place where Time freezes along with the Ocean when The Great Darkness comes and many magical events unfold. The boundary between dreams and reality dissolves. There are encounters with animals, wind spirits, snow spirits and beings from other realms.

It is my hope that this film will urge people to honour and preserve the wisdom and culture of the Inuit and that people will start dreaming on their own spiritual lineage. I was born in the Netherlands (maiden name: Imelda Berendsen) where I never felt at home. My adult life has been a great journey exploring where my spiritual home is. The place my soul calls home is in The Far North: Greenland!


I had a recurrent dream about being in a place "where the forest meets the sea" and painting in nature, surrounded by trees. In the dream there were whales in the sea and there were strong native traditions and arts on the land. Sony Baron and David Crumpton made the dream reality by inviting me to Vancouver Island. 

I worked from a place of deep listening so many stories came to attention and told themselves. Some of those stories and myths formed the material for this film.

However, there was a follow-on story: exactly a year later our family was guided to buy a house in Sweden. You guessed it: it is situated in a place where the ancient forest meets The Baltic Sea! I have a forest studio there and am also starting a school there called TRUE NORTH where I will be teaching courses in Norse Shamanism in the future,





This is the third and last film made after an artist's residency on Vancouver Island in 2015.

Shape Shifting is ancient art practised in all shamanic cultures. The process of shape shifting is at the very heart of Creation. All that is, shape shifts and transforms, moving through the great cycles of Birth, Death and Rebirth.

This short film  tells the story of Fire Bird. She embodies the gift of a unique day on Earth, the marriage of opposites, the sacred marriage of Life and Death. She is the Spirit of Celebration and Rebirth.

With huge gratitude to Sony Baron and David Crumpton for making the dream come true!


This video shows paintings by Imelda Almqvist set to music by Anja Lechner (cello) and Vassili Tsabropoulos (piano). The composer is Gurdieff and the the name of the song is Chant from a Holy Book. This is one of most beautiful CD's I know and many of my friends and clients have ended up buying their own copy!

This is the first video I ever made after discovering Moviemaker on my computer. (The second one was SPIRIT CHILDREN). It is paintings set to music - but people have told me that they enjoyed it.

Over time my creations became a little more accomplished (some of them appear above this one!)

And if you like the paintings, please remember that I teach courses in 




Produced by Conscious Evolution Media in 2014

Sharon Ballantine interviews Imelda Almqvist

Please note! Due to a power cut in the Denver Area this interview was cut short!