Is my School of Norse Shamanism and Sacred Art in Sweden

situated in the forest, in the stunning province of Södermanland

TRUE NORTH is the North according to the Earth's axis as opposed to the Magnetic North (when you use a compass)

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world



Seiðmadr or Seiðkona

Since I was 14 years old I have dreamed of a house in Scandinavia, in a place where the Forest meets the Sea and where you catch glimpses of trolls and elves going about their business. A place where rare wild flowers grow and the language of plants remains a native tongue. In 2016 this house turned out to exist and called us. 

The house is set in vildmark (technically "the wild", in our case pristine ancient forest) stretching for miles in all directions, (my students are going get completely and deliciously lost!)and situated a brief walk from a lake called Sibbofjärden. Technically speaking this is not a lake, but a fjord,  because it is connected by a small canal to the open sea (and the Stockholm archipelago with its 3000 islands). My husband  has just found a small boat for explore this watery Eden. We have called her, the boat that is, Otter's Ransom, honouring the Norse sagas!

For any shamanic teacher having access to land where students can work completely undisturbed for days on end is a priority concern. Sweden operates a law called Allemansrätten, giving people the right to walk and even camp on land everywhere. (There are some rules regarding private dwellings and grazing animals etc.)

In the immediate surroundings there are many Bronze Age sites: grave mounds, rune stones, ship burial sites and standing stones etc. Uppsa Kulle is right on the doorstep (picture in the header above on the far right!)

Anna Kjellin and I already teach a one week introduction course to Seidr/Fornsed once a year, at Anna's beautiful farmhouse in Skane called Solblanke Hus (Sunwink House). In May 2016  the students who did that course made a strong request for a 2 year practitioner training in Seidr and Norse Shamanism, allowing people to work in all areas of shamanic practice within an indigenous Northern European tradition. In other words: a professional training in all aspects of working as a seiðmadr or seiðkona.

I have spent much of Summer 2016 in Sweden doing research, consulting the spirits of the land and reading old Icelandic texts about runes and magic. My plan is to start teaching these courses in the Summer of 2018 as there is much to arrange and my teaching schedule is full until Spring 2018. (Drop me a message if you want me to keep you in the loop or sign up for my newsletter!)

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world