Rock Art Workshop in Southern Andalucia, Spain where Geomancy meets Sacred Art

in partnership with Karmit Evenzur

This course is not currently scheduled 



 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


In this seminar we will use shamanic techniques and art to explore images painted by Neolithic peoples on rock faces and in caves near the old Laguna de la Janda in Andalucia, southern Spain.

Our aim is to connect with the Spirits of Place and the ceremonial experiences ancient people had on this land. In our previous workshop we learned that hunting magic and fertility rites inspired ceremonies that kept the land, animal and human population healthy and in sacred balance.

Southern Andalucia is a place where two oceans and two continents meet (Africa and Europe) and where migrating birds rest on their epic migration journeys north and south.

Shamans have always understood that nature is the visible face of Spirit. That shamanic work is about opening portals between the eternal realm of the sacred and the earthbound world of everyday reality. That material reality is maintained and revitalised in close cooperation with beings and processes in other realms.

In our seminar we will engage with the ancient concept of ‘The Green Language’ or ‘Language of Birds’. This is understood to be a magical, mythical and/or divine language used by birds to communicate with the initiated.

In Norse mythology Sigurd discovered he could understand the language of birds after he accidentally tasted the blood of the dragon Fafnir.

From the geomantic point of view there are strong dragon lines in the landscape at La Janda. Through connecting with dragon energy we come to understand alchemical processes in the realm beyond words: creation, manifestation, soul flight, regeneration. This is the fertile space beween the In Breath and Out Breath of Creation itself.

Metaphorically speaking we ‘taste Dragon’s Blood to understand the Language of Birds’. Practically speaking we will be performing a spirit--led healing ceremony for the land. And  in doing so we arrive at a ...