Seiðmaðr & Seiðkona 2 year professional program 2020 - 2022

US (East Coast) Greater Philadelphia area

Many people in the US and Canada have Scandinavian ancestry and Viking blood!


It is not just the profound experiences, rich content and comprehensive material that makes Imelda’s Introduction to Norse Shamanism course so exceptional; it is also the community that is woven into being amongst the participants that makes this retreat so impactful.  I return often to my notes, not only as a reference for my practice, but as a way to tap back into that rare and magical essence we birthed as a group that week.  Imelda is a strong and articulate teacher, generous with her knowledge and facilitates these ancient practices in a safe and supportive environment. Her willingness to come to the US to share this wisdom is a gift, and I eagerly anticipate her future teachings.”  

-Shana Kestrel  


Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

In June 2019 I started teaching this 2 year professional program in Sweden! My school there is called True North.  My students and contacts in the US have requested that I bring this program runs to the US as well. Not everyone has time and the financial budget for repeated flights across the Atlantic, not to mention the carbon footprint!)

Our US program (coordinated by Susan Rossi) will run behind the program in Sweden by 18 months so the work done in Scandinavia informs and fertilizes our work in the US.


A new discovery revealed in 2016 that the Vikings may have travelled hundreds of miles further into North America than previously thought. It's well known that they reached the tip of the continent more than 1,000 years ago, but the full extent of their exploration has remained a mystery, writes historian Dan Snow.

The Vikings (or Norse) were hugely skilled navigators, ship builders and astronomers. They covered truly vast distances and settled in places far from home.

The Vikings conquered Normandy in France - the land of the "Northmen" (Norse Men)  - even parts of Italy and the Levant. They also founded Dublin, made left a deep imprint on England and island-hopped across the North Atlantic to Orkney, Shetland, Fair Isle and Iceland.

The descendants of the Vikings left us skaldic poetry and sagas. The Poetic Edda and Prose Edda are magnificent works of literature in which fact and fiction are blended. We will study those texts (and interpretations of those texts by passionate scholars through the ages) on this program.

These sources  clearly state that the intrepid "North Man" Leif Erikson led an expedition to the east coast of North America. If that is so, he and his crew reached America  a whopping 500 years before Columbus! They describe good harbours, and an abundance of natural resources. They remained there for one winter. Until today debates rage whether these accounts can be believed. This remains one of the great mysteries in the field of history - some say.

Of course anyone well versed in shamanic techniques would say: consult the spirits, consult our Viking ancestors, journey on it! On our program we will seek guidance and information directly from our ancestors as well as otherworld beings such as the norns, elves and fylgjor.

A veritable exodus from Scandinavia to The New World occurred many centuries after Leif Eriksson made his great voyage.

Swedes and Norwegians left their homelands to escape grinding poverty, restrictions on religious freedom and the compulsory military draft. Arable land was scarce and few other jobs were available. The mass exodus, the often harrowing journeys and tough new beginnings made a deep impression on their collective psyche.

Today more than 11m Americans claim to have Scandinavian ancestry. This pales against the 46m who say they have German roots or the 33m who trace their ancestry to Ireland, but the 5m Norwegian-Americans are roughly equivalent to the whole population of Norway. No country, except Ireland, lost as high a percentage of its population to America as Norway. The scope of Swedish immigration is similarly vast: between 1880 and 1920 around 20-25% of the population left for America.

-The Economist


Seiðmadr or Seiðkona

Consisting of four modules

#1     The Völva, the Vitki & Trolldom  9 - 13 March 2020

Changing the Weave & working closely with the Norns and the Völva, advanced work with the runes, working with spells, blot, Edda-work

#2     Soul Craft and Ancestral Land  10 - 14 November 2020

Working with the seven aspects of soul(önd, hugr, vard, fylgja, hamingja, hamr and gand)

Working with land and forming a relationship with the inhabitants of all the realms of Norse shamanism (and it is debatable whether the number of worlds really is nine!)

#3     Menglöð’s Medicine & Botekonst   9 - 13 March 2021

Working with the Maidens of Lyfjaberg and exploring indigenous European shamanic healing techniques

Art video about Lyfjaberg or The Mountain of Healing

#4     The Wild Hunt and the Mead of Poetry (Dates to be announced soon)

Exploring the Norse realms of Death, the mysteries of the Maiden with the Mead, the Disir and Alfar (female and male ancestral spirits) and ancient Europeans ways of working with the souls of the dead. To balance things out we will also look at fertility rites and magic!

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