Please note that this practice receives a very large volume of emails.  Imelda  will always try, where possible, to find someone who has availability to respond to your healing request when she cannot see you herself. You will then receive a reply from a trusted colleague or a shamanic practitioner trained by Imelda. By contacting us through this website you agree to this arrangement! 

ADMIN NOTE: I have written endorsements for all shamanic practitioners trained by me personally who are actively seeing clients and working to the highest possible professional standard (not all of them are listed on this page). Endorsements have been issued to people in active shamanic practice, who make good use of supervision options and attend advanced seminars for on-going professional development. You may request to see this endorsement when booking your session. (Please operate caution around shamanic practitioners who claim be trained by me but who cannot produce this endorsement, as having attended classes with me does not automatically equate an professional endorsement from me!)

Imelda (last updated 12 July 2021)


On this page you will find a listing for shamanic practitioners trained  by me. Therefore I know them all personally and

all have submitted a Code of Ethics during the process of getting listed.

My own focus is on teaching and I invite you to check out my on-line school:


In periods where I have some availability for private sessions, a notice will appear in my newsletter.


Please note that, after checking the practitioners listed just below, you can also use the following two listings to 

to find a shamanic practitioner in your area:




Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


English-born Sunni Alem'neh is a dedicated father of 5 spirited children. He has an understanding for esoteric wisdom and ancient mysticism. He works within the northern/Norse traditions as a seidhmadhr and shamanic healer.

"I am honoured to be in service to spirit and enjoy working compassionately from the heart, to help others feel a greater connection to the web of  life, to themselves and to offer spirit led healing for their physical and spiritual well being"

I offer healing work as close to the earth as possible, therefore I see clients in a traditional tribal dwellings or warm canvas tents.
Fee:  £50 per hour 

TO CONTACT Sunni, email him on:

 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


Dutch-born Sjoukje Gummels is a mother of two who travelled extensively before moving to the UK.

Sjoukje works with energy healing disciplines such as Reiki, Regression Therapy and Shamanic Healing

" I am inspired through working with Spirit to empower and support people in their journey of self healing"

 Fee: £75 per hour.

Sjoukje works from home.

TO CONTACT Sjoukje, email her on:



 LYN HILL, West Yorkshire & Yorkshire Dales, UK

Lyn is the “Lagu Kona” (the Woman of the Water Rune) embodying the wisdom and flow of the primordial mother

“I work with Spirit, offering support and encouragement to others on their journey of awakening,  bringing spirit-led healing to the whole of their being. Together we will pull on the threads of Seidr (Norse/Northern Traditions) and weave them into a healing tapestry along with techniques from Core Shamanism.”

Lyn works with a range of disciplines including Reiki and Well Woman Yoga

Fee: £55 per hour

TO CONTACT Lyn email her on



 VALARIE BUDAYR, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Though born in the US, Valarie has her feet firmly planted on two continents. Her ancestral and family home is on the island of Gotland, Sweden where she grew up both playing with and living with runes. 

Valarie is a certified Sound Therapist and works in traditional Sound Therapies. She is also a Knowing Woman (Kunniga/Tietaja) and practitioner in both Northern European and North Karelian traditions. She works closely with the Norns and Seidr traditions as well as the rune songs and healing traditions of Northern Karelia in Finland. 

“It is a great honor to be in service to spirit, and to empower and support people embracing their healing into wholeness journeys.

Rituals, Ceremonies, and intuitive meditations open the doorways of connection and communication with the world(s) we live in. 

Much of what we share together is based on the traditions of song, sound, soul, story, and the natural world of Northern Europe. “

Fee: £55 per hour or $70 US

TO CONTACT Valarie email her at


 International Teacher, Author, Painter and Forest Witch in Europe and Globally


Bridget de Gersigny (they/them) is a queer South African currently living in London UK. They are a practitioner of spirit-led animism, a trained shamanic practitioner, and currently a Sangoma (Zulu shaman) apprentice in their aunt's lineage of the Lion. Bridget specialises in healing soul related wounds, working with folks to come into right relationship with themselves, their communities, their ancestors and ultimately their calling. They offer remote and in-person work, along with classes on energy body wellness.  Read more about Bridget's practice.

“One thing I know is that we are interconnected and that my healing is tied to yours. My wish is that my journey may be of service to others."

Their approach centres kindness, is trauma sensitive and held within a feminist anti-oppression framework. 

Fee: All clients should schedule an initial free 20 minute consultation call first and then book a session. Bridget is committed to keeping the work accessible to people of diverse backgrounds and variable means, and believes that shamanic healing should be available to everyone regardless of financial resources.

TO CONTACT Bridget: Website:



I know just how tricky it is to find a skilled and trustworthy shamanic practitioner. After all you are putting your very soul in their hands!

In the column on the right hand side I have formulated some pointers to make the process a bit easier..

I actively invite you to send me feedback about the people listed on this website. All information will be treated as confidential and not shared with anyone. However, I will take the feedback into account when making decisions about listing people in the future and making referrals. Thank you!!

 -  Word of mouth is always best: ask around and where possible see a SP others recommend highly

-  Stay clear of people who call themselves "shamans" (unless they truly are tribal shamans!) 

-  Choose someone whose website gives a transparent account of their own training and makes a point of honouring all teachers they trained with. Not doing so is dubious and bad energy. It is also rather arrogant! All good shamanic practitioners stand on the shoulders of their teachers and ancestors - and they freely acknowledge this!

-  Listen closely to your intuition: do your hear the Voice of Spirit  when you visit someone's website or is their Ego speaking all the way? ("I am so great!") Someone who truly IS a great shamanic practitioner will be inundated with work. There is usually no need at all for heavy self-promotion!