In January 2011 I was invited to give a talk about my work with Spirit Children in Geneva. This was to mark the occasion of my shamanic practitioner colleague Jackie Teoh's launch of Living Resonance. Jackie and I were a little concerned how my work with the spirits of dead children would "go down". However, we both felt the paintings made to honour spirit children were beautiful and their stories deserved to be told. On that day we had a room full of people and many of them came up to me for a private conversation after the talk/presentation. We used a beemer to project photographs of the paintings on the wall behind me, so the spirit children appeared to 'stand behind me', as I spoke. As things turned out,  most people present in that room had a connection to a dead child. (In shamanic terms you would say: they all had an 'appointment' to be there that day). People told me about stilborn babies, abortions, dead siblings, cousins and miscarriages. They all said: " I had no idea it was possible to do this kind of work, to make a painting of the spirit of a dead child". They were referring in particular to children lost before the parents could take a photograph or even treasure a scan (ultra sound) picture as physical 'proof' the child ever existed.

I made this video in 2014. It was my first video creation and  very imperfect - but sincere. That is why I have not updated it since.



"I have two children. Sophia is 10, Simon is 6 years old. I consider them to be my greatest teachers in this lifetime. Instead of being born, after a brief journey in my womb they gave me the freedom to roam the world and follow my calling. But both have walked with me wherever I went, growing up on the other side of the veil. When I embarked on a training as shamanic practitioner and met my dear friend Imelda, I told her the story of my Spirit children. Being a mother of three beautiful boys herself, she was deeply moved and felt my pain and the darkness I had been through. That same night after our chat, Simon and Sophia came to visit her. They were holding hands and smiled their radiant smiles, so she could see that all was well and that they too were on their journey. She painted her visions and gave me the paintings as a gift from her heart. I have no words to express how I felt when I saw the paintings! Finally, my Spirit children have come through to my side of the veil – and I was able to fully heal myself." Judith Bogner, 31 July 2010





 In our culture the assumption is that the dead 'are gone' and lost to us. Indigenous peoples have many ways and ceremonies for honoring their dead and their ancestors. We have lost that art.  The fact that in the Western World the traditional Church teachings forbid us to talk to spirits (as an evangelical Christian friend has reminded me on more than one occasion), does not help things either. In our culture the dead are 'gone, lost to us', we have no vision of where they might have gone on to. It is my personal belief that our spiritual framework for life and death situations is impoverished. In my client work I observe time after time again how people crave a personal connection to the Divine and a "cosmology", a map to the other worlds.

On the journey that is my own life I discovered that Spirit Children are not far off. They came and went for spiritual reasons, so there is no guilt and no blame. They can be loved and honored. Their journey continues in the Other World and it is a beautiful place. Seeing glimpses of that place can bring comfort and closure to bereaved parents.


This painting was made for someone who has three children in the spirit world. During the shamanic journey I made to visit them, I was shown connections to other life times (incarnations) these souls shared with this particular parent. I was given information that brought spiritual closure and helped a beautiful woman move on from traumatic events.

"It has changed everything"...

"Dear Healing Angel, it is just so fantastic your healing through art. What you bring to others is priceless. It has changed everything. It has brought about an emotional shift and given me direction and purpose. I have recommended your work to a dear friend who lost a child in tragic circumstances as well" T.   |   2011  |   Geneva



 Here are two paintings I made for a dear friend who lost a baby.

When I visited the spirit of the child he was swimming with dolphins!





This painting was made for a mother of 4 boys. She lost a child, a little girl. 

I have painted the baby girl's face in silver near the mother's heart. 

The Sacred Twins and The Sand Dollar

A child lives outside time
A mother grieves
A child spirit plays guardian angel
Leaves evidence
Of a sacred twin
A mother to be
Walks on the beach
Speaks to her
Unborn child
Catches a glimpse of a spirit child
Riding the waves
She finds a sand dollar
A precious moment
Of extreme beauty
Frozen in time
As a child spirit watches
And smiles outside time
For C 15 August 2009






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