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 This is an enchanting, magical story about children travelling through the night sky.

The illustrations are beautiful and full of rich details.

I was surprised to find that I learnt something about the movement of the constellations reading this children's book.

A joy for adults as well as children.

-Dr H. Payne, UK

 The Green Bear: Linnea and Lars Visit the Night Sky! is a wonderful book filled with beautiful illustrations that takes the reader on an adventure through the night sky. It introduces astronomy concepts in a way that reminds the reader that they are a part of all of this magnificence! My child loved the story and their only complaint was that they wanted to know more, so we sat out under the darkness of the new moon to investigate (I think this also means that there is a hope for a series like this one day). This book sparks wonder and magic in both the young and young at heart!

-L. Zucker, US

International Teacher, Author, Painter and Forest Witch in Europe and Globally

SPECIAL OFFER! As a Christmas present for 2021 I have created two gift books!

This means that both "old" and new subscribers (to my newsletter) have the option of down-loading two FREE (bonus) books. One is an extra edition book in The Green Bear Series (the other one is an art book and yes, you can download both, if you wish).

In this bonus e-book The Green Bear explains what mysterious Green Days (as mentioned in book #1 and book #2) are. She also reveals a secret: she has an email address! She  invites children (with assistance from their chosen adult) to email her. However, her email address is not in the public domain. You need to actually read the book to find out what it is, but all children who write in will receive a personal reply from The Green Bear!


International Teacher, Author, Painter and Forest Witch in Europe and Globally


The Green Bear Series is a collection of full color picture books for children (aged 3 - 8 years). 

Linnea and Lars are twins. They live in a cottage situated deep in a forest in Sweden and they have many friends in the same location. In the forest surrounding their house, there are many big rocks and boulders, covered in moss and lichen. One of those rocks is really a bear in disguise. On certain days, so called Green Days, The Green Bear awakens and takes local children on nocturnal adventures while their parents sleep. So far those adventures include a trip up the Milky Way, a visit to the enchanted realm of the Animal Mothers and (next up) a lesson in Magic from the local Forest Witch!

These books aim to provide a fun learning experience and introduction to subjects such as the night sky, the mysterious workings of the Deep Forest and the enchantment of a lasting soul connection with all other sentient beings.

Every book in The Green Bear Series offers a new teaching or tool for the spiritual toolkit any magical child needs to navigate the cosmos!

International Teacher, Author, Painter and Forest Witch in Europe and Globally

You can order copies of the The Green Bear books on amazon, both hard copies and Kindle version are available. Hard copies are printed and shipped locally. Sending signed copies out from England has become prohibitively expensive since Brexit - but it is a possibility!

My books are intended to plug a gap in the market: stories (and high quality images) that present an authentic shamanic or pagan worldview, for families practicing an Earth-based spirituality. I am open to topic requests!



Book number one introduces the Big Bear and the concept of magical Green Days!

Linnea and Lars are twins. They live in a cottage in the forest in Sweden. In this book they discover that The Green Bear has a twin sister in the night sky, called Big Bear (Ursa Major) and there is also a Little Bear (Ursa Minor) in the heavenly vault. One sister looks after planet Earth and the other Sister looks after our solar system! In this book Lars and Linnea  meet some of the animals (star constellations) in our night sky, as well as the planet/goddess Venus.

I hugely enjoy working on the illustrations, making them vibrant, magical and full of portals. I hope that these books will help children to keep the magic alive and the doorway to other worlds ajar!



Lars and Linnea learn Animal Communication and Shape-shifting

The Green Bear awakens. It is the magical night before another Green Day! She collects Lars and Linnea and another adventure unfolds. This time they travel down a hollow tree trunk to an enchanted Forest. This is the Forest of Fairy Tales but it is also the place where the Animal Mothers live. The Animal Mothers watch over their animal children in our world and they watch over human children too.

Human children can visit the Animal Mothers to learn the ancient arts of animal communication and shape-shifting. Linnea and Lars receive wisdom teachings from the different Mothers of animal species. They practice shape-shifting by turning into twin polar cubs. The Green Bear drops them off at home only minutes before their parents wake up and a regular school day starts.

One key reason for writing this book is my awareness, based on years of working with children and families in shamanic practice, that children who master animal communication treat all animals well.






In book #3 Linnea and Lars meet a Forest Witch who teaches them a lesson in Magic!

Stay tuned and drop me an email if you want to receive updates on The Green Bear Series!

 International Teacher, Author, Painter and Forest Witch in Europe and Globally