"This book should be translated into every language and used in every School!"

"Ridonare il Sacro, Il Silenzio e la Semplicità ai nostri bambini, testo illuminante di una sciamana mamma"

Ario Daniel Zhoh, The Alps and Sapmi


What you are doing is a treasure for all the Earth!

- Terry Clarbour, US


 If you are a (grand)parent, aunt or uncle, teacher or youth worker or involved with children or teens in any way at all, I invite you to join my Natural Born Shamans closed Facebook group for sharing inspiration about helping young people arrive at a viable spiritual toolkit for life. This is a closed group and safe space for kindred spirits to discuss issues that the rest of the world does not always comprehend (or takes seriously):



My first book, Natural Born Shamans, was published in 2016. In this (mini) workshop I revisit some of the material presented in this book adapted to Pandemic times.

I will run through different age groups and discuss how they are impacted by the Pandemic and then present some shamanic tools for the times we live in.

This workshop is FREE, so no one is excluded for financial reasons. The only prerequisite for attending is a genuine desire to reach out to a child (or children plural) in any capacity (parent or grandparent, teacher, youth leader, mentor, concerned neighbor, sports coach etc.




NATURAL BORN SHAMANS  started life as my first book, published by Moon Books in August 2016.

It was written in response to years of me receiving emails from people all over the world asking questions about using shamanism with children and teenagers: is it safe? Where to start? Would I mind sharing lesson plans? Etc.

Having drafted many thoughtful individual responses to such messages for years, the spirits urged me to bundle all the material together and write a proper book instead.

In truth I had grave doubt that I would find a publisher for such an unusual book. However, the Moon Books Team saw the value of this work and I was offered a publishing contract within nine days of submitting the manuscript.

Since the publication of this book I have been approached by many people organizing events in the field of shamanism and spirituality. "Natural Born Shamans" has become a concept!


A Spiritual Toolkit for Life

(Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages)





Since the publication of this book my life has shifted. I am a full time teacher now. I only see long-terms clients for individual work.

People then often ask me to make a personal recommendation for a shamanic practitioner who experienced in working with children. In response I have created a dedicated listing on this website:



Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world



<<  In January 2017 the youngest participant attending The Shaman's Map (my introduction workshop to shamanic journeying) was six month old Baby Luna. She read the book and decided to attend the class! She did very well journeying and dreaming because she had not yet had time to forget - unlike most of us!