Global Grid of Spiritual Practitioners

for Children & Young People

For a global listing of experienced shamanic practitioners who work with children and families please see the bottom of this page!



 In the year 2012 the spirits urged me to start a shamanic program for young people This is how the Time Travellers Group in London was born. In the year 2016 I published my first book about this work: Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life. I was also asked to appear on the Shamanism Global Summit hosted by The Shift Network. I was invited back to appear on the same Summit in the year 2017. 

All of these events together have placed me in a position of privilege: children and teenagers have taught me more than I could ever hope to teach them. I wrote a book about this process that other people find useful. I am receiving reports from as far away as Alaska, Australia and Hawaii from people using some of my ideas and material with children and young people!

In January 2018) I presented  a Full Moon Ceremony on Year of Ceremony with Sounds True where,  once again, I was asked to focus on my work with children. So I got a Team of Teenagers involved in producing a powerful and unique film for Sounds True and my (then) 14-year old son Brendan acted as my co-presenter, taking people on a journey of his own.

My overarching vision now is to connect up practitioners all over the world who work with children, teenagers and families to encourage peer support and sharing of resources.

 For that reason I recently opened the following closed Facebook Group:


Often practitioners working with young people experience a degree of isolation or they are not aware that many others (near and far) are working hard to manifest similar visions and projects. My dream is to put all these people in touch with each other and create safe spaces for sharing ideas, experiences and material.

This work with young people is often brilliant to the point of luminous but from experience I also know that there are serious challenges: local people misunderstanding what you are doing, organizing something beautiful and no one showing up, making decisions about including children with serious behavioral challenges and so forth.

I don't have all the answers but I am happy to create sacred on-line space and facilitate a dialogue between kindred spirits! Imagine the gift of actually knowing what people are doing where - and being able to refer others to their projects! WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US!

Please note! For a listing of shamanic practitioners who work with children and teenagers, please see the NATURAL BORN SHAMANS page on this website!


I have started a file of shamanic practitioners (and practitioners who work in related spiritual fields) who wish to be part of a larger global network - and not everyone is on Facebook. If you would like to join my network without "doing Facebook" feel free to drop me message through this site (using Contact Us)!


Chetna Lawless, Dorset, UK,

Maxine Smillie, Wales, UK,

Kerrie McCullough, Liverpool, UK,  +44 (0) 7737788242  

Clare Cartwright, Staffordshire, UK

Heather Craig  Oban in Argyll, Scotland,, 01852 500 285.

Trey Walther  Farnborough, Hampshire  07880 728702.


Efrat Shokef, does remote work (globally) from Israel, ;


Kiymet Akcan Ozgur, Geneva, Switzerland,

Eva Ruprechtsberger, Salzburg, Germany

Astrid Johnen, Koln, Germany,  0049 (0)2203-12143

Ron Townsend, Almere , Netherlands,  0031 (0) 365355388,



Birgit Baden, New Zealand,,, +64 (0)27 71 78 578



Cindy O'Connor, East Windsor, NJ,, 609-273-4399

Tina Smith, Levittown, PA,



Sony Baron, Victoria BC, Canada

Jan Gale, Cochrane, Alberta, 403-932-6687 

Jennifer Engracio, Calgary Canada,

Marielle Smith  Vancouver, BC Canada