I can totally see you teaching at Harvard!

— Manca Geberl, Slovenia



What a gift Imelda Almqvist's work is for our global community! Rarely have I met someone with such a spiritual and creative force. Imelda brings a freshness into her shamanic teaching and sacred art courses. Her Time Traveller's workshops with children are so needed and are unsurpassed in their power and healing. Imelda is a brilliant shamanic teacher with so much to offer"

- Sandra Ingerman, author of "Soul Retrieval" and "Medicine for the Earth", Santa Fe, New Mexico


When you meet teachers so full of knowledge usually they are dead so you can only read their books! When you can work with someone like Imelda in person you should grab the opportunity!

-Katharine Lucy Haworth, UK


Imelda is a wonderful teacher.. And person.. I think they both matter!

When I look for someone to learn from... It's necessary for them to have the knowledge and wisdom necessary, but also I need them to be a person I believe in and can put my trust in. Imelda has both!

-Sandra Price, US


lmelda Almqvist is the most creative and gifted person I know. Her enormous well of vibrant life energy manifests brilliantly as a shamanic practitioner, teacher, artist, and blogger. She lives and works from her heart with authenticity, dedication, love and passion. As a psychotherapist and a shamanic practitioner, I have rarely met someone with such integrity, commitment and intensity for the good of all. Imelda's work is by far the crème de crème of the shamanic practice circle, and receiving the gift of her teaching or healing is a deep and significant blessing.

-Sony Baron MA, MA, RCC Baroncounselling.com Teachingwinds.com, Victoria, BC, Canada


To me you are amazing and I hope that sinks in-even a little. I do love it when my sisters emerge in this world to shine. And doing the most important work of our time, in my humble opinion. I've known you for many years and have watched you share your sacred knowledge with so many!
- Robin Romeo, Founder, Center for Light Body Healing, US


I have fallen in love with your works. Your work is really helping those in trauma/ pain.

- Archana Saxena


Imelda is a breath of fresh air in the shamanic healing arena. Her humour, intelligence and most of all, her extraordinary creative life force set her apart. At a time when we are attempting to play catch up with the healing of so much trauma plaguing individuals and society, Imelda is focusing on the CREATION of health; that is a shift in thinking, an of being, for healing humanity. Her focus is not 'what is wrong with us' and our fears but rather the creation of new healthy realities. Imelda has an amazing ability to see the divine spark, the unique gift, in each of her students and she encourages and highlights these individual gifts. This rare ability creates an atmosphere of creativity, freedom and imagination instead of "one traditional method for all". This allows for the exploration of one's truest strengths and results in a surge in one's self confidence throughout the duration of her course work. She offers a decidedly modern and feminine teaching approach to core shamanic healing techniques as well as her Sacred Art courses.

- Jodi Feist King, London UK


Imelda Almqvist is a never ending source of wisdom and experience. I am so grateful to see the recognitions she receives for her result oriented and compassionate (it is rare that those two qualities are together) work.

-Kiymet Akcan Ozgur, Geneva


I am so intrigued by your blending of science & magic. They are after all one & the same. Their reintegration with one another is needed & inevitable. You are a gift, Imelda. A true modern day shaman crafting a healing alchemical elixir of the past & future into the NOW.

-Gwendalyn, @LucianaLycanus


 And that is one of the intentions of the art you create - people may be afraid of their depths, but captivated by the beauty of the imaging that comes through your work, they forget to be afraid. The paintings awake an ancient memory of the sacred relationship between human and nature and instead of being afraid, a yearning for a return to that state of grace calls out to them; that then translates into 'how can such beauty be frightening?' So much is possible when fear is removed.

-Jill Hunter, Shamanic Practitioner, New Zealand


You will all have heard me banging on about my amazing teacher, Imelda Almqvist!

for the last 3 or 4 years since I came across her wonderful work in her book Natural Born Shamans. Imelda is truly the wisest person I have ever met, a living treasure trove of wisdom, deep understanding and practical ways of applying magic, ancient wisdom, creativity and love into all areas of our lives and relationships. She has recently created Pregnant Hag Teachings an online school and is offering the first seminar free. I cannot recommend these teachings highly enough!!

- Katharine Lucy Haworth


 "This (The Making Sacred Art Introduction Course) was my first experience of being taught by Imelda. It was rich, nourishing, inspiring and profound. Imelda created a beautiful physical space, a safe emotional container and lifted the veil to allow us to explore beyond this reality. There were so many techniques and experiences packed into two days, but at no point did the work feel rushed. I would recommend Imelda as a teacher and this workshop to anyone wishing to embark on or deepen their journey into Shamanic practices."

- Helen Payne, Wales, 2018


 I visited Imelda for a session with my 8 year old son who had been having trouble sleeping, along with some other emotional and behavioural issues. I wasn't really sure what to expect. It was my first visit to a practitioner of this type and had some initial anxieties about how my son would take to the novel nature of ‘Shamanic journeying'. I have to say it turned out to be really fun! Imelda put both of us at ease immediately and I could tell that my son was both very comfortable and also genuinely interested in the process. Imelda was very skilful at guiding the entire session in an age appropriate way, which made it both relaxing and enjoyable for all of us. When we returned home later in the day, his mother asked him how it went, he simply replied ‘It was awesome!'. A few months down the line and we have seen significant changes in his emotional issues and sleeping and his teachers have recently remarked that he has made huge improvements at school. Thank-you Imelda for such a fascinating and rewarding experience

-J Andrew Dunne, UK


"She embodies the essence of the wise woman, the healer and seer, who knows how to bring about the deepest level of transformation through her partnership with Spirit"...

Meeting Imelda and discovering her beautiful and inspirational work has been a true blessing, not only for me but for my whole family. Imelda is a gifted artist, shamanic practitioner and teacher who walks between the worlds with grace and compassion. She embodies the essence of the wise woman, the healer and seer, who knows how to bring about the deepest level of transformation through her partnership with Spirit. Her presence is inspiring and powerful, igniting a sacred fire in my heart which fuels my desire to live life fully and in alignment with who I truly am.

-Delphine Lyttleton, RShom, LCHE, BSc(Hon) 


I recommend everyone visits Imelda for a healing session. 2 1/2 hours later, I left Imelda feeling lighter, rejuvenated, with a new positive zest for life, and an inner knowing of my purpose in this life. These feelings have continued to grow in the weeks after and I know this is a direct result of our session. We spend so much time nurturing and shaping our physical bodies, we must also invest an equal amount of time nurturing our spirit and soul. Take the first step with Imelda and you will definitely feel and see the difference it makes in your life!

-Sarah Kabirat


"My appointment with Imelda was most certainly a date with destiny. Her magnificent ability to walk between the worlds, to communicate on all levels between this reality and those beyond the veil demonstrate a deeply profound connection to all that is. Her compassion, dedication to the Work and her humility in helping to heal the wounds, and bring forth the gifts from spirit are central to her work and shines forth from her heart. Imelda has a true gift to connect with soul and spirit, which in turn has the ability to completely change a person's life for the better. It was one of the most profound appointments of my life so far and I continue to work with, and embrace, the lessons she bestowed upon me. Imelda is a rare gift, and one which cannot be overlooked if spirit decides for you to cross her path".

-Nicola Lucie, The Feminine Principle, https://thefeminineprinciple.com/


Oh, Sacred Art is so good, I am loving it beyond words!!! You just have this ease about how you explain these things that kind of float around with you long after you put the book down. Such important work!!! I am also stocking our university with your books! Natural Born Shamans is rented out all the time!!!

- Manca Geberl, Ljubljana



“I am in awe of Imelda Almqvist's work. She is certainly making a powerful contribution to our global community through her books and workshops. If there was one teacher's work on the topic of “imagination” that I would choose to read it would be anything written by Imelda. Her passion, her wealth of knowledge, and ability as a story teller is unparalleled. Medicine of the Imagination is such an important book for our time as we must harness our imaginations as well as fearlessly explore our shadow to bring harmony back into our lives. This “inner activism” also brings healing and balancing to our world.

-Sandra Ingerman, MA, award winning author of 12 books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking The Sacred Into Everyday Life, Santa Fe, New Mexico


 Not for the faint of soul. This program has an intensity that starts as a gentle trickle and ends as a tsunami of love wisdom passion and a spiritual awakening unlike anything else I have experienced. A combination of “theory” and experiential adventure, group discussion and individual exploration. Imelda brings her life and love of the Northern Way into every drop of content. Hail Aesir och Asynjur.   

- Kelly Wyrd, Canada


Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher that I love crossing oceans and time zones to work with you!

- Megan Anderson, USA


Working deeper with the runes - each one revealing more and more about itself and how each is linked with another
The Norns in their whirling well of water stepping forward with their knowledge
My mind was blown with Imelda's story of the runes- it just hit me in heart deep within me it made so much sense like a coming home. I was truly wowed by it
My favourite moment? Too many to mention
Working alone, in pairs, in ceremony a deeply immersive experience diving deep into this well of knowledge
Don't hesitate jump into that well! 

-Lyn Hill, UK


“It is not just the profound experiences, rich content and comprehensive material that makes Imelda's Introduction to Norse Shamanism course so exceptional; it is also the community that is woven into being amongst the participants that makes this retreat so impactful.  I return often to my notes, not only as a reference for my practice, but as a way to tap back into that rare and magical essence we birthed as a group that week.  Imelda is a strong and articulate teacher, generous with her knowledge and facilitates these ancient practices in a safe and supportive environment. Her willingness to come to the US to share this wisdom is a gift, and I eagerly anticipate her future teachings.”  

-Shana Kestrel, US, https://the-kestrel-nest.com/


Thank you for the great experience at Pendle Hill this March. Our whole group appreciated the depth of wisdom and passion you have for Norse Shamanism! This was my second workshop with you and I am looking forward to the next. I encourage anyone with an interest in Shamanism to attend a workshop in person with you.

-Rick Jurvis, Wisconsin


"It was a cherished blessed and honor to attend The Wild Hunt Sacred Art Retreat in November 2019. I truly felt I had come home. My prior studies and experiences provided an excellent foundation for the magickal and profound experiences. It was wonderful! I also felt I was in graduate school, the level of teaching was of such high caliber." 

-Kerry Kittrell, kerry@kerrykittrellart.com


The Introduction to Norse Shamanism course with Imelda Almqvist exceeded my expectations! She is a natural teacher, cares deeply about her students absorbing the material and ensures everyone's voice is heard. She is extremely well researched  and her passion for keeping the Northern Traditions alive in their truest form is contagious. If you are curious about your ancestral lineage or Norse Cosmology I highly recommend this course! ,

-Amber Wientzen, San Diego,  www.returnofritual.com 


"This course is a game changer, it will challenge in ways you don't expect, it is beautiful and magical. Insights  come from academic study and the intuitive reflection. I am so glad I joined this programme, I would go so far as to say its the best course I have ever signed up for." DK, England


Being on the land in Sweden for this work was amazing! Spirit-of-place is always a teacher in shamanism, and Imelda and Anna supported that powerful connection throughout our studies. So many ways of knowing were called in - What an experience!

-Renna Shesso, Denver, USA


I recommend this course highly! Anna & Imelda taught us so much and guided us with such heart! I treasure the memories on that sacred land in Scandinavia!

- Barbara Kruse Haas, Crested Butte, Colorado, USA



Imelda showed me how to connect to the runes (I'd tried reading books & got NOWHERE) - she opened the door for me to walk through to a magickal landscape of rune discovery that ceaselessly gives me new gifts of wisdom, healing & illumination. I am forever grateful.

-Rachel Goodwin, Denmark


Thank you! These seminars have been the greatest thing to emerge from this Lockdown!

This amazing teaching is on tonight! A chance to learn with Imelda Almqvist- one of the wisest, most thorough, inspiring, knowledgeable and entirely committed teachers I have ever known. I would encourage anyone to take this opportunity for some deep learning which will translate into excellent tools for navigating our current landscape!

-Katharine Lucy Haworth, UK


 When I registered for the course I felt like I was sitting in front of a million-piece jigsaw puzzle but Imelda's wealth of knowledge and experience, well-structured training model and meticulously prepared ceremonies made me understand, feel and put the pieces together.

On-going deep inner work that she required from the first day helped me grow personally and professionally, and I am truly grateful for that.

I feel privileged to step into practitioners' world with her generously shared teachings and experiences.  She became one of my guides, and the wonderful group of people that I studied with became my shamanic siblings. THANK YOU all for the amazing learning and life experience.

-Kiymet Akcan Ozgur. 2017-2018 Intensive Shamanic Practitioner Training Graduate


I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Imelda.
The last 2 years have been an amazing journey and have blown my mind.
I have grown and expanded in ways unimaginable to when I first started. Her teaching have had a no nonsense and clear approach nevertheless with warmth and compassion full of guidance and support. Am so happy this Dutch lady came my way.
-Sjoukje Gummels, 2017-2018 Intensive Shamanic Practitioner Training Graduate



 Great work, The Poison Mother! Food for reflection! Love the idea of becoming a crucible, a cauldron and transmuting 'poisons' internally, rather than just shutting it all out. That's truly spiritual - responsive and responsible. Genuine spirituality is found in transformation not avoidance!



I never go away empty-hearted from your art/story presentations Imelda. Some part of me is always changed forever!

-Shelly Iona