Medicine of the Imagination

Dwelling In Possibility

An Impassionate Plea for Fearless  Imagination


It is always very difficult to live in this life so as not to be a damaged person or one who damages others

-Jack D. Forbes 

 International Teacher, Author, Painter and Forest Witch in Europe and Globally

 If there was one teacher’s work on the topic of “imagination” that I would choose to read it would be anything written by Imelda. Her passion, her wealth of knowledge, and ability as a story teller is unparalleled. Medicine of the Imagination is such an important book for our time as we must harness our imaginations as well as fearlessly explore our shadow to bring harmony back into our lives. This “inner activism” also brings healing and balancing to our world.

-Sandra Ingerman, MA, award winning author of 12 books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking The Sacred Into Everyday Life

Now pandemic times leave us no choice but to change our ways, will you please read my impassioned plea for fearless imagination?!

International Teacher, Author, Painter and Forest Witch in Europe and Globally


 Some quotes from this book:

“We tell ourselves stories. We interpret some things. We misinterpret other things. We fool ourselves. We make things up. We listen to other people’s stories. We believe some – not others. We get inspired. We get bored. We get religion. We get angry. We lose our will to live. We laugh. We love. We laugh at ourselves. In the Ginnungagap (the primordial void in Norse mythology) there was said to be great cosmic laughter (according to some authors).”

" The demon we really need to wrestle with (as Jacob did in the Bible) is not the serial killer or mass murderer (those are best left to law enforcement and the FBI) but the toxic belief that there are “two kinds of people”: good people and bad people, superior races and inferior races, people like me and people different from me: “Us and Them”. That way of thinking has caused some of the greatest atrocities in human history. Unless we police our own consciousness and activate our Inner FBI (as it were) all of us carry within us the seeds of such things occurring again.

 What people say about this book:


Imelda Almqvist is one of the most creative people I have ever met. A talent artist, writer, teacher and

she lives in the heart of the creative imagination. Her medicine is her creativity! Not only is she a gift with her outpouring of creative expression, now she is teaching us how to tap into our own creative genius...

- Michael Stone

Consultant, Teacher, Author, Radio Host and Producer of The Shift Network’s Global Shamanism Summits,


 After 25 years as a therapist I took a sabbatical and embarked on a Diploma in oil painting. Somehow it unlocked my imagination in such a way that I was led to Shamanism, and it’s changing my life. Along this path I found Imelda, and I count that a blessing. Never has the world needed a call for us to reconnect with our true nature than now, and our creativity is the key to it that all too often has been lost in the hamster wheel of modern life. Imagination is our route to the divine, and in this wonderful book Imelda guides us toward how we can utilise it to heal ourselves, and the planet. It is truly a book for our time.

-Trevor Silvester, Founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Author of six books including Grow! Personal Development for Parents,