The Time Travellers graduated in the Summer of 2018. 



Is a shamanic group for children and young people in London, UK,  facilitated by Imelda Almqvist and a wonderful community of guest teachers. The aim is provide safe space and a spiritual toolkit for young people to explore spiritual matters, share experiences and find solutions to challenges they face in school and everyday life.

Right now (January 2017) I am contemplating teaching some of these sessions on-line instead so teens in many different locations can participate. More about that son! 


LA-based film maker Hannah Beadman made a wonderful film called THE TIME TRAVELERS in 2014 where we see young people on camera receiving a toolkit and strategies for dealing with and resolving bullying from their own spirit allies. 

 "This film is a gem. The young people on camera show great courage, using shamanism to receive a workable toolkit for bullying - an all too common, harmful experience for our children and teenagers. Hannah Beadman brings an exquisite sense of beauty and atmosphere to filming this important material. Imelda Almqvist's pioneering work shows a viable way of working with our youth, that can be easily incorporated into schools and family systems."

- Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of 10 books including 'Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self'.


 The Time Travellers Group was born on the day of the Venus Transit: 6 June 2012. It was an auspicious day!


Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

The TIME TRAVELLERS  program was born out of my work with children and teenagers I saw in private shamanic practice. I realized that many children, "tweens" and teens struggled with similar issue (such as a strong innate sense of spirituality, feeling "different" in school, wanting to nourish and develop their connection in a culture where the dominant worldview does not support this way of perceiving the world. The spirits told me to start a shamanic group where children  could receive a viable toolkit from Spirit in safe sacred space, and enjoy the company and support of "kindred spirits". I had the good fortune of having my friend and colleague Nick Taylor by my side in the founding period of the Time Travelers. 

Next the spirits urged me to write a book about this work and share the ideas and lesson plans. NATURAL BORN SHAMANS: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) was published in August 2016 and responses to this book from all over the world led to me creating a Natural Born Shamans Global Network

You can join by dropping me a message and I also invite you to join our


YEAR OF CEREMONY with Sounds True

In 2017 - 2018 The Time Travellers worked on  project with spiritual publisher Sounds True in Colorado, called Year of Ceremony.

Well-known  shamans and shamanic teachers from all over the world take turns presenting a Full Moon Ceremony each. I was assigned the Super Blue Blood Moon of January 2018. My (then) 13 year old son Brendan and I presented a live ceremony for a large global audience titled "Drawing Down The Divine Child". Brendan opened the ceremony by taking everyone on a very special journey to The Dark Side of the Moon where a special elixir can be tasted, with permission of the Moon Spirits.

The young people in myTime Travellers and Daring Dreamers programs worked together on this. The young people followed guidance from their own spirit allies. They kept a vigil at Cross Bones graveyard in south London (honouring the souls of dead slum children) and performed their own Full Moon Ceremony, supported by the wonderful Simon Cook. Children from all over the world linked with them and sent in their own prayers and messages that were spoken aloud and offered to the Fire. We invite you to watch their video: THE HUMAN FAMILY!




Bonus video for the 2016 Shamanism Global Summit with The Shift Network

This video was made for the occasion of the 2016 Shamanism Global Summit for The Shift Network. As one of the speakers I was invited to create a bonus offering for the audience. My son Brendan (aged 12) made this video about The Dream Chasm, which is a place that he visits on his journeys around the cosmos and in his own dreams.

Many mythologies from all over the world describe a Void or Mysterious Gap full of magical powers where the world is being dreamed into existence by all sentient beings dreaming together. This includes the dreaming of animals and of the Earth herself. 

In this video Brendan takes everyone on a drum journey to The Dream Chasm where you will meet the Lord and Lady of Dreams among many other magical beings. Join the dream!!

With gratitude to Brendan Almqvist for sharing his inspiration and Simon Cook for all his support!

The Shift Network


We live in a youth and beauty obsessed culture. Collectively we are in denial about Death. This is one area where young people can lead the way and be our teachers by facing Death (and all the issues and decisions that surround it) head-on (and creatively, playfully!)

My Time Travellers Group (shamanic program for young people) make a field trip to Nunhead Cemetery in London, UK once a year. Believe it or not, this is one of their favourite sessions!

In this video some teens and "tweens" share their perspectives on Death, teaching all of us some ;powerful lessons along the way!



 For some sessions I invite guest teachers or guest speakers. Simon Cook recently helped host sessions on Hawaiian H'oponopono and Making Love Potions (inspired by a Journey to the lost continent of Atlantis)! He has also taught the children pyrography skills (burning designs into wood). Jill Hunter has led wonderful animal healing sessions with the group. Judith Bogner has shared public speaking skills and led a seminar exploring how violence in films and video games affects the minds and imagination of children. (The conclusions are presented in my book!)  Tahir Sharif has led a session on drumming and drums from all over the world. I am always open to session requests from the children or people offering to share skills. As an African saying goes: "

"It  takes a village to raise a child and a community to keep the parents sane"

Something I cannot emphasize enough is that we do NOT impose a spiritual worldview. All we do is create safe space for the young people  THEMSELVES to find their own way of accessing their Divine gifts and arrive at a Map of the Cosmos - how they view that, express that and act on that - remains entirely up to them! 


 My mission (very much supported by a wonderful community of colleagues) is to bring back something that all indigenous people practice and see as essential to the journey from childhood to adulthood: Rites of Passage and Initiation. If that  is not provided young people are driven to create their own thrills and 'highs' ('transcendental experiences')  through alcohol, drugs, vandalism, joy riding and so forth.

As those experiences aren't 'fullfilling' on the level of soul, they are driven to ever greater risks and excess. They are trying to create visionary experiences that really need to be hosted by the wise and compassionate Elders in our communities. Sadly we have lost our Elders and our fear of Death has created a youth-obsessed culture that does not prepare us for living well or dying a good death. We need to come to terms with death to live life to the full. Fear of death will manifest in many ways that limit us and hold us back. From total denial to thinking that "one day I may just try to live my dream". There is only the NOW!