Changing the Weave

Not currently scheduled, either in person or on-line!


 (Working With the Norns and the Threads of Destiny)


This is a Sacred Art Retreat offering a full immersion in sacred art and spirit-led process.

We will develop a personal relationship with the Norns (or Norse "Fates") and work with the threads of Fate and Destiny. The red thread of spiritual enquiry running through this retreat is: is it possible to Change the Weave, to alter our personal destiny and the destiny of other people, using “seiðr” or shamanic means?! 

Dates: 9 - 12 December 2019


 In this workshop we will request permission to enter a lifelong and deeply personal relationship with Norns and bring them some of Life's biggest questions:

-   Is it possible to Change the Weave, to alter our personal destiny and the destiny of other people using seidr or shamanic means?! 

-   And if it is possible to do so – is it desirable to do so?!

-   What are the karmic consequences (if any)? In Old Norse terminology, how does this work in terms of Ørlög and Wyrd?!

The Norns are ancient, of giant lineage and more powerful even than the gods!

They are said to weave the Web of Urdr (Web of Life, the interconnected fabric of All That Is).  The Anglo-Saxon word for this is Wyrd and our contemporary English word “weird” is derived from this. There are also profoundly intriguing etymological connections to the word “word” and the verb “to become”. More about that during our retreat, but for a brief etymological preview:


"The Old English term wyrd derives from a Common Germanic term *wur?íz.[1] Wyrd has cognates in Old Saxon wurd,[2] Old LIndsay Kutten German wurt,[3] Old Norse urðr, Dutch worden (to become), and German werden. The Proto-Indo-European root is *wert- "to turn, rotate", in Common Germanic *wirþ- with a meaning "to come to pass, to become, to be due" (also in weorþ, the notion of "origin" or "worth" both in the sense of "connotation, price, value" and "affiliation, identity, esteem, honour and dignity.)"



The Old Norse people did not know the word karma in the sense that we use it today (imported from Eastern schools of spiritual thought). Instead they had the concepts Wyrd and Ørlög. The word Ørlög literally means primal law.




 In the 2-day introduction workshop we focused on medieval teachings (about working from a spirit-led as opposed to ego-led place) and we tasted the surface of this powerful process. In this 4-day retreat we will drop way deeper into the mysteries and magic of “what we know but often do not realise we know and are”… Perhaps we forgot, mainstream education (with a focus on science) imposed a different dominant perception, we were told “to grow up and pull out of it” as dreamy teenagers… The natural born shaman in us was not nourished or encouraged.  However this process of conditioning may have unfolded for you, most people I work with have been “tamed” and lost touch with their Wild Selves. Along the way we lose access to The Wild in ourselves, meaning that there are virgin territories awaiting us. Here we find larger manifestations (cosmic blueprints) of who we really are and what seeks expression through us. Doing the much-needed work of balancing through ceremony and healing encounters with Spirit is ultimately life-changing. We step closer to our own soul and mission in life. We no longer apologise for bringing our authentic selves “to the table”.

The Norns will unfailingly remind and invite us to show up in the world from a place of integrity and authenticity! They have little time for our egoic attachments and the human desire to stay in the comfort zone! Before you apply for this retreat – please journey or meditate: am I ready for this?! Might it change my life?


Once we know, we cannot “unknow” ever again….



 Our evenings together will be used to perform powerful and personalised ceremonies.

Working as a group with an experienced teacher means exploring this in safe ways, within a safe container and strong boundaries (of time, space, confidentiality, being witnessed, covering both the personal and the collective human dimension).

However, to do this work you need to have a high degree of spiritual maturity coupled with a high degree of emotional containment. It also requires a sincere willingness to engage in group ceremonial work and a profound respect for other people's process.

Please note that this course is not a psycho therapy group and it does not substitute for shamanic healing work either.

This course is for people who are ready to take the ancient alchemical art of doing deep inner work to a whole new level and birth a new level of consciousness!