Shamanic Outreach Work With Children

Initiated in partnership with Mitchell Clute (senior producer at Sounds True) and The Shamanic Path Community

 Continued with Valarie Budayr of Audrey Press

I am planning to invite guest presenters/speakers as we gather momentum!


Thank you Imelda Almqvist for your dedication to dreaming Heaven on Earth for our children and children's children...you are an inspiration to us all!

Martha Lucier, Shamanism At The Edge 


Please note: our upcoming September 2020 Session will be about Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse!


Many of us are currently in Lockdown and we may we have lost most of our income for 2020. We cannot even visit elderly relatives safely and many of our Elders feel lonely. At the same time many of us are aware that some people face severe hardship on a level unfamiliar to us: families live in war zones, locations where armed conflicts rage.  They cannot even remember a time when life's essentials (food, clean drinking water, shelter, medical assistance and decent sanitation) were not scarce or contaminated. One tough fact is that we cannot even leave our homes, let alone fly out and help these people and these children in person...

So... What CAN WE DO?

 Photo credit: Siddhant Soni, https://unsplash.com/Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

We are living in a time of Crisis and Opportunity as a global paradigm shift is unfolding before our very eyes. Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe from this pandemic is a major concern. Putting more focus on self and loved ones can easily take focus away those people in our world who do not have the means of helping themselves. (Perhaps we Western people living in wealthy countries largely at peace now see a glimpse of what it is like to live surrounded by danger and scarcity, unable to provide basic health care, clean water or even food for our children…)

Many children are trapped in zones where a civil war is raging right now (Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq – this list is far from exhaustive!)

The thousands of immigrants (many of them children) detained at the US border also come to mind as they find themselves in cages: crowded conditions with a very high risk of infection and interpersonal conflict.

As if that is not enough we must also acknowledge the children who live through ‘armed conflict' in everyday Western life: children living with abusive parents, children used as pawns in wars between warring parents, young people who experience cyber bullying, children being groomed by pedophiles “weaponising” modern technology/internet etc.


Valarie Budayr and I are currently working on recording future ceremonies and sessions. The plan is to create a dedicated YouTube channel where people can access them all! You will find a list of planned ceremonies and events further down!

Please check this out this FREE DOWNLOAD from Valarie's foundation Multi-Cultural Children's Book Day. Every year  she and co-founder Mia Wenjen create a classroom kit for teachers based on a theme of our choosing. Last year was Empathy: Refugees and Immigrants, available here:VISIT

 Buddhism teaches us not to try to run away from suffering. You have to confront suffering. You have to look deeply into the nature of suffering in order to recognize its cause, the making of the suffering.

-Thich Nhat Hanh












MAY  - The Rhythms and the Soundscape of Home (special guest: Valarie Budayr)

JUNE  – Manifesting an End to all Conflict and “Othering” (with Valarie Budayr)

JULY -  Mother Water (with Lyn Hill)

AUGUST – Food for All, anchoring a new paradigm of sharing and abundance thinking!

SEPTEMBER – Fierce and Ferocious Protector: addressing Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse

OCTOBER – Of The Earth: Healing our Physical Body and our Planet

NOVEMBER – The Indomitable Spirit - Boosting Resilience – Navigating Trauma

DECEMBER – Honouring Ancestors – the long and recent deceased (Covid-19 is creating many ancestors before our very eyes)

Most of us cannot go to these places in person to deliver supplies and services. Covid-19 now keeps many of us homebound. Our primary personal and physical challenge is reaching out to vulnerable people in our own area.

What we can do on the level of soul however, I have learned from powerful ceremonies with students, is creating spaces in the other world that children (suffering people of any age in any location) can access.

They can do so while they sleep and dream (our mind visits these places then). Human minds also start drifting when they are ill, severely exhausted, hungry or thirsty. Shamans have used those states to access altered states of consciousness but all human beings will naturally start walking between worlds when the circumstances are extreme enough.

What we CAN DO is actively create sanctuaries where we receive them and interact with them. The most powerful tool we have (other than our heart and deep compassion) is our own imagination.


 Photo credit: Annie Spratt, School children in Sierra Leone following the Ebola outbreak, supported by World Vision, https://unsplash.com/



These pictures are from my Artist's Residency in Zapallal, the slums in the desert outside Lima, Peru 1998 (before I had my own three children)

I was working as a teacher of Art & Design with students in a ceramics studio to help produce a unique line of ceramics for Harrods - to raise funds for the community













Valarie Budayr and I are currently working on recording future ceremonies and sessions. The plan is to create a dedicated YouTube channel where people can access them all! You will find a list of planned ceremonies and events further down!