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Year of Ceremony

 I am a presenter on Year of Ceremony with Sounds True!

With Year of Ceremony, a council of today's most prominent shamanic teachers will be your guides each month to offer you an unprecedented new way to explore and enrich your practice. You will build deeper relationships to the spirit world and the forces of nature, as you unite with a global shamanic community.

 Shamanic practitioners from different traditions and locations will come together online to share ceremonies and sacred teachings.

Each month, you'll be able to join us on a live broadcast of a ceremony presented by a different shamanic teacher for each lunar cycles—infusing your entire year with shared intention and sacred energy.

 I am the presenter for the Full Moon (Blue Moon!) of January 2018.

The title of my Ceremony is: Drawing Down the Divine Child and my "broadcast" will be from London, UK on Wednesday 31 January 2019!

From the Sounds True website:

Exploring ancient and tribal beliefs and mythology, we discover that the moon is sometimes seen as The Land of Unborn Children, linked to fertility on Earth and the cycle of pregnancy.

At times of great change, the coming of a new paradigm is often symbolized by the concept of The Divine Child of the Moon, a force of yet-unmanifested divinity awaiting its time to incarnate on Earth.

 For this full moon, Imelda will invite us to take part in preparing the Earth for the arrival of this sacred energy. In doing so, we will journey to the souls of generations of children yet to be born, the Earth Keepers of the Future. Through cooperation with these souls, we will plant the seeds of their visions and our future, clearing the way for powerful changes to occur—such as the balancing of divine feminine and masculine principles, living in connection with Spirit, and profound respect for All That Is.

We will share our own dreams of a world freed from the cycles of conflict and destruction and guided by an awareness of our responsibility to our environment. In the present and in the future, we will move toward a new reality created from sacred wholeness, not from old blueprints that no longer serve us or our world.


 And I can't give it all away but I will say that the young people in my Time Travellers program make a guest appearance too by presenting their own Full Moon Ceremony in a film Sounds True offers as my bonus segment.

In this film this Team of Teenagers explains how healing work can turn a place that holds great trauma around. Given a lot of time, work and dedication from many people, such sites can become sanctuaries and pilgrimage destinations instead. If you want to know more... sign up for Year of Ceremony!




 I made this painting after being told (by the spirits) that I need to be an Apprentice of the Waning Moon. In other words I have much to learn about the sacred art of releasing, dropping and delegating.

Growing, manifesting and getting involved in many things with passion and drive - comes naturally to me. In this lifetime one of the lessons I personally need to learn is doing less and being more.

I expect this project to take the rest of my life! 

If this speaks to you - I invite you to become an Apprentice of the Waning Moon as well!


The Red Moon mother is the Moon as viewed as the pregnant mother about to give birth. She represents the abundance of fertility and new life. The animals that surround her in this painting are all associated with fertility as well.

In a cosmology where the Moon is viewed a representing the three different faces of the so called "Triple Goddess" - Maiden, Mother and Crone, this painting  is the Mother! 

This painting is very close to my heart because I made in the years that I myself gave birth to three children over  a period of just four years.


This painting, “Moon Maidens”, was inspired by a vision I received in a dream in 2013. All phases of the Moon (28 days in all) appeared to her as maidens who all embodied a different quality or energy – “soul medicine” if you like. Their invitation was for all of us to be our own ”priest or priestess of the Moon” and pay very close attention to not just Full Moon and New Moon, but all days and stages in between, as they hold keys to human well-being and cosmic balance. This vision was so vivid that I decided to give it physical form by painting it. I invite you to journey and meet these powerful 28 Moon Maidens -perhaps check the lunar calendar first to see who is "on duty" the day you do the work!